Bastard Noise blasts Blast-O-Mat

"High standards reap high results. You've got to spend money to make money. You've got to work hard to get big, big reward."

Trite, time worn platitudes from somebody's dad? Naw, but close. Those are excerpts of a voice mail Kevin Wesley of Hot White received from a dude in an underground metal band who was evidently not stoked about playing a show as booked at Blast-O-Mat. As we understand it, Wesley set this band Bastard Noise up with a show at the storied underground venue a few weekends ago that the dudes reportedly refused to play.

By way of explanation, one of the fellas was kind enough to leave Wesley a voice mail letting him know exactly why the band kept driving. After referring to Blast-O-Mat as an "out house," he further added that the place is a joke and then offered the above words of advice. Wesley posted the whole clip earlier today if you'd like to download it (or you can just listen after the jump). Apparently for these dudes, even DIY touring has it limits. Going to guess that sleeping on the floor at this point is also probably out of the question.

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