Beckstra! Beckstra! Have you heard about Beck's record club?

All right, have y'all heard about this one yet? Beck's record club? Just stumbled upon this one ourselves. Evidently, El Guero Loco and his cronies -- an ever shifting lineup which includes Nigel Godrich, Devendra Banhart, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngarden from MGMT, Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother, Binki Shapiro from Little Joy and Giovanni Ribisi (?), among others -- has embarked on an intriguing little project that involves them recording a classic album in a day with no rehearsal. The songs are meant to be rough interpretations, with a new song added once a week. The first album Beck and company took on was the Velvet Underground & Nico, followed by Songs of Leonard Cohen. So far, the results have been interesting if nothing else. Definitely worth checking out. What other albums would you like to see Beck and his crew take a swing at? Off the top of our head, we're thinking Purple Rain, The Band, Before the Next Teardrop Falls, Angel Dust, Reign In Blood, Daydream Nation, Loveless, Marquee Moon, Zen Arcade. What say you?

1. Prince - Purple Rain
2. The Band - The Band

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