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Twelve of Colorado's Greatest Synthesizer Artists

Mark Mosher of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup.
Mark Mosher of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup. Tom Murphy

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click to enlarge Lee Evans of Hippies Wearing Muzzles. - TOM MURPHY
Lee Evans of Hippies Wearing Muzzles.
Tom Murphy
7. Lee Evans – Hippies Wearing Muzzles
Lee Evans is probably best known as the bass player in the rock bands Kissing Party and Assdroids. But for a few years, he's been coaxing unusual sounds from modular synths as Hippies Wearing Muzzles.

click to enlarge Mark Mosher of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup. - TOM MURPHY
Mark Mosher of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup.
Tom Murphy
8. Mark Mosher – Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup
Mark Mosher's synthesizer compositions would be worthwhile on their own. But he long ago took the unusual step of doing “visual synthesis” to accompany his own performances as well as those of others. Mosher will play the music along with a streaming projection that interacts with the artist and sometimes the audience, too. Mosher also started the Boulder Synth Meetup, which has now morphed into the Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup, a group of more than fifty members that meets regularly to share information about synthesizers.

click to enlarge Ryan Mcryhew of Entrancer. - TOM MURPHY
Ryan Mcryhew of Entrancer.
Tom Murphy
9. Ryan Mcryhew – Entrancer
As Entrancer, Ryan Mcryhew straddles the line between dance music and avant-garde and hip-hop production. But his main visible instruments are his analog synthesizers. Early in his career, Mcryhew was signed on to Software, the record label of Oneohtrix Point Never, extending his impact far beyond Denver and Colorado.

click to enlarge Sean Faling of Distance Research. - TOM MURPHY
Sean Faling of Distance Research.
Tom Murphy
10. Sean Faling – Distance Research
When Sean Faling gets on stage — with or without his opera singer wife, Eve Orenstein — he brings equipment that looks professional, while he makes music that sounds homemade. For his recordings, Faling makes extensive use of his large collection of vintage and modern synths.

click to enlarge Seth Ogden of Acidbat. - TOM MURPHY
Seth Ogden of Acidbat.
Tom Murphy
11. Seth Ogden – Acidbat
With his project Acidbat, Seth Ogden seamlessly joins the worlds of analog synth composition and modern beat-making. Outside of his own music-making, Ogden also showcases other artists at various spots throughout the city.

click to enlarge Victoria Lundy - TOM MURPHY
Victoria Lundy
Tom Murphy
12. Victoria Lundy
Victoria Lundy, who once played a show with Silver Apples, is also arguably the best theremin player in the Denver metro area, and her original compositions on synth coupled with her classical-music arrangements for both of her instruments sets her apart.
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Tom Murphy is a writer, visual artist and musician from Aurora, Colorado. He was a prolific music writer for Westword and a documenter of the Denver music scene.