Reader: Pepsi Center Has Terrible Sound

Post Malone performed at the Pepsi Center on November 10, 2019. He's returning in 2020.
Post Malone performed at the Pepsi Center on November 10, 2019. He's returning in 2020. Aaron Thackeray
Red Rocks is the crown jewel of Denver venues. And when we recently listed the biggest concerts in town in 2020 not taking place at the historic amphitheater (most of which will happen at the Pepsi Center), readers weighed in en masse to gripe about the big venues and the concerts that those stadiums and arenas will host.

Some blasted the Pepsi Center's sound and high ticket prices, others lamented the 2020 concert season in general, and one took umbrage with traffic at Red Rocks, saying he prefers Fiddler's Green. Here's what readers had to say:

Writes Rhiannon:
These are mostly at the Pepsi Center which is TERRIBLE for sound for a concert! It’s a great sports venue but not a good concert venue. Plus there are better acts coming though other venues that will not cost an arm and a leg and will have much better sound quality.
Adds Robin:
All shows should go to Red Rocks. The event center and the Pepsi Center both suck! The seats are cramped and the staff is uptight. It’s a shame the lineup has been sub par the last couple of years, but it only fits so many people.
Notes Ed:
My first concert at Red Rocks was Rush. I spent 2.5 hours in traffic, and got to my seat just before intermission. It was my last concert at Red Rocks. All hail Fiddler's Green.
Explains Danielle:
Sound at Pepsi Center sucks unless you’re on the floor. Pass.
Opines Jeffrey:
Boring concert season. I hope it gets better.
States Chris:
Pretty much all those shows except the three or four rock shows all fucking suck balls.
click to enlarge Billie Eilish is back, this time at the Pepsi Center. - BRANDON JOHNSON
Billie Eilish is back, this time at the Pepsi Center.
Brandon Johnson
Whether you like the lineup or not, there are plenty of big shows coming to town (and plenty more that will be announced in the coming months). The 2020 Red Rocks lineup includes a variety of artists, from rappers to rockers to electronic acts. See our full list of 2020 Red Rocks shows — which already includes nearly forty concerts — here.

And the arena and stadium shows also include a wide of artists. There's a strong representation from country: Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Fans of newer artists should enjoy Post Malone and Billie Eilish, and classic-rockers will be drawn to legends such as the Eagles and the Doobie Brothers. To read our list of Denver's biggest 2020 concerts, go here.

The Mission Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium continue to host an impressive lineup, and Denver's smaller venues — especially the independents — bring in affordable, intimate shows by some of the best up-and-comers out there. If you hate the Pepsi Center, catch these artists while tickets are affordable and before they blow up.

What do you think about Denver's biggest venues, Red Rocks and the 2020 concert lineup? Let us know at [email protected]
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