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Blackhearts become BLKHRTS and prepare to release debut, BLK S BTFL (Black Is Beautiful)

A little over a month ago, we wrote about the impending reinvention of The Pirate Signal and reported that frontman Yonnas Abraham would be shortening his own stage name to just Yo, followed by various punctuation, to be determined by the context. Well, now it seems his other outfit, Blackhearts, also has a new record and a slightly modified moniker. (Hint: They've ditched the vowels -- well, and a consonant.)

BLKHRTS, as the group (Abraham, FOE, Karma and Catch Lungs) has been rechristened, has completed work on its debut. The EP, BLK S BTFL (Black Is Beautiful), is slated to be released at Glob on Saturday, January 8, with Peter Black, Lust-Cats of the Gutters and Flashlights; Jonny 5 will serve as the evening's emcee. But, wait, there's more...

As if that bill weren't enticing enough on its own, the show will also mark another hotly anticipated debut -- namely, the new lineup of The Pirate Signal: Abraham with multi-instrumentalist Chez Strong (I am Unicorn) and DJ Soup. As previously reported, a new album, titled You're Always Leaving Me, is in the works and will be preceded by a few 7-inch releases sometime after the first of the year.

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