BLKHRTS taking West Coast by storm

Brace yourself: Looks like the word is out on


. After an enviable co-sign from

Jeff Weiss -- an extremely well-regarded West Coast blogger who also writes for the Los Angeles Times


on the LA Times blog

in advance of its show last night at that city's famed

Low End Theory,

followed by another favorable post-show nod from him this morning on Twitter (

"So BLK HRTS are basically everything I hoped that Death Grips would be,"


"BLK HRTS: because art rap deserved it's M.O.P."

), BLKHRTS are off to a good start in building the kind of buzz that could easily catapult the group into something far beyond a local phenomenon. Click through for an excerpt of the blog item.

Jeff Weiss via LA Times blog: "Imagine the gladioluses that fans would drop at Morrissey's feet, only now getting bashed by lead pipes of M.O.P. Picture a trio of vowel-averse velociraptors rapping as if the phrase "he who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain being a man" was tattoed on their foreheads."

Looks like there might have been more to that BLKHRTS blessing ceremony than we all thought. The BLKHRTS tour continues tonight in Phoenix.

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