Boonie Mayfield's studio gets cleaned out by robbers

All right, here's some news that literally just makes your stomach turn: A few weeks ago, Boonie Mayfield (aka Solomon Vaughn), one of the state's -- hell, the country's -- preeminent beatmakers and producers had his entire studio cleaned out by some soulless scumbags. Worst part: Boon Doc had only been in his new studio for a few months.

After grinding in his bedroom studio churning out the hottest beats around, dude finally got a place of his own, only to be gaffled by some unscrupulous hoods. "Every beat I ever made is now gone," he lamented on his Facebook page. "Boonie Mayfield is now officially over." Not so fast, Boonie. It's time to rally around the family.

The good folks at HypeDog.co.uk have gotten the ball rolling by establishing up a paypal account to help raise some funds to get Boon back to doing what he does best. If you got a couple bucks you'd like to contribute, feel free to kick in. In the meantime, here's to hoping that karma is indeed a boomerang for the culprits.

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