Buy the astronaut helmet Danielle Ate the Sandwich wore on the cover of Westword

Danielle Anderson is the latest local artist to take an unconventional approach to financing her new album, joining the Heyday and Choke the Word on the fansourcing bandwagon. To generate funds for her new album, Two Bedroom Apartment, Anderson, whom you know better by her nom de tune of Danielle Ate the Sandwich, is selling off a bunch of her stuff on eBay -- including the helmet (bidding is at $70 currently) she wore on the cover of this very fishwrap last fall when we profiled her. Also up for grabs, the viking helmet she's worn in the "Rich Girl" video, where we first glimpsed the bewitching ingenue (that was before covering Hall & Oates started getting played out). Follow the jump to see what other "smelly pieces of junk," as she so eloquently puts it, that she's selling.

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