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Justin Gitlin, who goes by CacheFlowe, is a laptopper with a difference. He's neither a devoted dance-music maven in thrall to four-on-the-floor beats nor a pure abstractionist allergic to anything resembling a hook. Indeed, he seems open to all manner of sounds, and on Automate Everything, he combines them in consistently intriguing ways.

Eclecticism is definitely the watchword here. "Ahh . . .Huh?" is an aggressive opener, replete with frantic rhythms, funky keyboard stings and sustained riffing, whereas the title track that follows sports a more deliberate tempo, gassy bass lines, skittering faux percussion and Orwellian vocal samples. Later, Gitlin juxtaposes subtle improvisation with industrial clanging on "Casio vs. Heavy Metal" and hits the heights of drum-and-bass-inspired future jazz on "Pinnacle 1421."

A few selections stumble -- notably "Run Amok," a quizzical mini-slab of electro-clash. Nevertheless, even the missteps have their moments thanks to Gitlin's restless creativity. Automating everything might not be such a bad idea as long as he's at the controls.

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