Celebrate Bob Dylan's 70th birthday at Cervantes' with Dylan66 and friends

This Tuesday, May 24, Bob Dylan will be turning seventy years old. To celebrate his 70th birthday, the members of Dylan66 and their friends -- like they've done every year for the past half-dozen years -- are getting together tomorrow night for a tribute show at Cervantes' featuring Dylan66, the Zimmermans, Dyrty Byrds, Mighty High, John McKay Band and Dewey Paul Band.

Despite his reticence to do so, we somehow convinced tribute organizer (and Dylan66 founder) Dewey Paul Moffitt, to run down a list of his five favorite Bob Dylan songs. Although he's not fond of having to pick favorites, he says: "I must admit that following five Bob Dylan songs stand out to me in exceptional ways. Mostly because I have repeatedly lived the tales they tell of but also musically, melodically and lyrically, they still profoundly speak to me today."

5. "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" I'm a big fan of the "Rolling Thunder" version of this one. This is one of my all-time favorites to cover with Dylan66, and I've been fortunate enough to have both Angie Stevens and Chella Negro do great justice to this song. I get chills when I hear that lonesome whistle blowin'...

"4. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" I love this one because of how it is so often beautifully interpreted by other artists. From Shawn Colvin to Johnny Cash and local Jim Dalton, I've never heard an artist go wrong here.

3. "Things Have Changed" I can often relate to the twisted darkness of this modern Dylan tune and the inevitable reality it triggers within my own personal dogma.

2. "Desolation Row" I'm a sucker for mysteries wrapped inside of enigmas wrapped inside of mysteries. And this song still takes me to these fantastic places.

1. "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" This bitter sweet classic has always spoken directly to the realist in my soul. I often find myself silently humming it to get through the doldrums of a mediocre day. Obviously I am still smitten with this beautiful ballad.

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