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China bans Lady Gaga, Owl City, Beyoncé and others to preserve cultural security

In a somewhat hilarious and sad piece of news, China has just issued a list of songs they deem as a threat to their national cultural security. The bulk of the list consists of Chinese and Taiwanese artists, but a few American acts slipped in as well, including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Owl City and plenty others. The goal? To protect the youth from poor taste and vulgar content.

This is the third list of songs the Chinese government has banned since it started regulating the internet content two years, but it's the first chance we've had to get a good look at the full list.

The banning goes across the entire internet, from stores to personal websites. It's unclear exactly what the penalty is going to be, but its clear they'll be cracking down on any site that sells or distributes content on this list. It's not just the fact the Chinese Ministry disagrees with the content, it's also because according to ministry guidelines, all music needs to be cleared and translated into Chinese before it can be sold.

While Lady Gaga and Katy Perry aren't particularly surprising (by China's terms), considering they talk about threesomes, there are a few oddballs on the list. Owl City, for instance, doesn't really fit the mold, unless China just hates AutoTune and little boys whining about heart strings. Simple Plan doesn't either, but the most ridiculous is probably the Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way."

Now, we're not going to say this song doesn't negatively affect our own cultural sensitivity, but there doesn't really seem to be anything inherently offensive. Our only guess is they might be offended by the line, "Now I can see that we're falling apart/From the way that it used to me," but that's a huge, stretch implying someone might be insinuating a post-Mao China is falling apart. Or not, maybe they just saw the name Backstreet Boys and pictures and bunch of guys in leather with whips standing in alley-ways. Click through for the full list.

The list of songs banned (Google Translated version) Woke up - Yoga Lin Good night - Yoga Lin Souvenir - Yoga Lin Run the World (Girls) Beyonce Knowles Epiphyllum - Khalil Love wins Strategy - Khalil No mushroom friends - Khalil One million kinds of kisses - Rachel Liang Sister friend - Rachel Liang My dearest - Mei You look at me - Mei There are like tears - Mei Honey And The Bee - Owl City The Real World - Owl City Plant Life - Owl City You Suck At Love - Simple Plan Can't keep my hands off you - Simple Plan loser of the year - Simple Plan Freaking me out - Simple Plan the flood - Take That love love - Take That when we were young - Take That pretty things - Take That ET (feat. Kanye West) - Katy Perry Last Friday Night (TGIF) (Album Version) - Katy Perry You - Hsiao Human cloning - Hsiao Rhapsody - Hsiao How to say I do not love you - Hsiao You can only miss - Hsiao With forest - Pak-ho Black - Pak-ho Today should be very happy - Pak-ho Smiley Face - Pak-ho Uptight - Natalie Walker Mars - Natalie Walker Cool Kids - Natalie Walker Good thing - Jue Yan Thank you for your inspiration - Jue Yan Not the case is not alone - Jue Yan Burning Up (Madonna Cover, Nick Remix) - Britney Spears Sing Forever - Ken Hirai Dayki - Ken Hirai CANDY - Ken Hirai R & B - Ken Hirai Taipei rainy Sunday - Michael Wong How are you - Michael Wong Gently dancing - New Treasure Island Sport Band He is a Shanghai girl - New Treasure Island Sport Band Money Song - New Treasure Island Sport Band Aunt beat - New Treasure Island Sport Band Go! Go! - New Treasure Island Sport Band もうonce - Wood linen storage INTRO - Linzi Xi Face - Linzi Xi I am sorry - Linzi Xi Chinese Girl - Linzi Xi Vista - Ivana End - Ivana Anne Frank - Ivana Miss address - Ivana Yiyi - Ella Koon I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys The Edge of Glory - Lady GaGa Hair - Lady GaGa Marry The Night - Lady GaGa Americano - Lady GaGa Judas - Lady GaGa Bloody Mary - Lady GaGa Love language of words - Dong Qian business Ranging from the - Dong Qian business Been in love - Andy Hui Forget Forget - Andy Hui Never had such a love - Andy Hui Sorry That I Loved You - Nian Dong Lyrics - Nian Dong Happy end - Nian Dong Happiness is a small matter - Nian Dong Dawn - Doll I know you I Favorites - Doll This is not silly - Doll Some people care about you - Doll Yilaomailao - Doll Love stone eggs - Kary Ng I am silly woman - Kary Ng Selfless - Kary Ng Glimmer - Yida Huang Broken Heart - Yida Huang Flashback - Yida Huang Keep - Yida Huang Feat - Hins Cheung PS. I Love You - Hins Cheung Deadline - Hins Cheung Can understand the pain - Spray Brothers Treasures - Spray Brothers I'm ok - Spray Brothers Mobei your broken heart - We Li-an You say I'm handsome -We Li-an For love - Wei Li-an Cloudy sunflower - Wei Li-an

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