Senator, we knew GN'R. GN'R was a friend of ours. You're no GN'R.

Chinese Democracy leaked. Axl can't be stoked.

Less than a week before its official release date, Chinese Democracy has reportedly leaked been posted on Guns N' Roses' MySpace page. Yep. The full album. Yesterday Today. After a bazillion years of build up, that's it. Just like that. As we write this, savvy internet users the world over are no doubt making up their own minds about whether whatever the hell Axl has been working on all these years when he wasn't under the knife was worth waiting for or not. Heel-dragging luddites, meanwhile, will have to wait a few more days. And we're with them. It's not that we don't have the faculties to find the tracks, however. It's just we're what you'd call GN'R purists, if such a thing exists. In our book, the band peaked with Appetite and has been chasing the ghost ever since. So we figure what the hell? We've waited this long to hear the damn thing, right? What's a few more days? Not to mention, we're not all that eager to, you know, break the law and stuff. But because we know your inquiring minds might want to know, we did manage to find a few IMEEM streams, a tune called "Better" and the title track the full stream. Sounds pretty meh, if you ask us. -- Dave Herrera

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