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Churchill joins A&M Octone Records roster, adds second show at Bluebird on September 30

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The imprint is wasting no time building momentum for the band. It has already added Churchill's photo to its roster of artists and purportedly launched a radio campaign pushing the title track from its self-released Change EP. According to the band, fans can expect its full-length major-label debut to be released by this time next year. In the meantime, tickets for the September 30 show go on sale this Saturday.

Since first emerging on the scene in 2009, Churchill has made a slow and steady rise. What began humbly as a collaboration between two former schoolmates, Tim Bruns and Michael Morter, grew into a full-fledged band when the former moved back to Denver from Nashville and the latter graduated from college. Almost immediately, the band members wowed audiences with their earnest brand of folk rock, which they then went on to hone and refine into a leaner indie-rock sound. In 2011, Churchill drummed up enough support from its fan base via Kickstarter to finance the excellent full-length Happy/Sad, which was followed this year by the equally swell Change.

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