A concert in the days before social distancing.
A concert in the days before social distancing.
Ken Hamblin III

Reader: No City Park Jazz? Summer Is Canceled!

City Park Jazz has been silenced for the summer. “We’re just brokenhearted,” says Toni Nadal, executive director of the City Park Jazz board of directors, which made the decision to cancel the season. “At the same time, we know we’re making the right decision to protect our volunteers, musicians, vendors, sponsors and the entire community of 100,000 or more people who enjoy this long-running Denver institution.”

While all ten concerts in City Park Jazz's 35th season are canceled, the organization decided to pay the musicians — and will possibly host live-streamed versions of the shows.

But while the series has been silenced, fans are making plenty of noise. Says Brett:

 This sucks...summer is canceled.

Adds James: 

This was the only thing I lived for.

Suggests Kelly: 

The WHOLE season though....How about tentatively cancelling the summer calendar? And if things go back to normal by June, we can at least have two months of great music. This bums me out, but I understand if you have to!

Notes Amy:

Awesome that the musicians will still get paid. Unfortunately, it is a HUGE loss of income to the many other vendors who participate.

Adds Matthew:

The moral and decent call.. Well done.

And one personal note from Monica: 

Of course it has to be the summer I live across the street...

If state and city ordinances allow it, City Park Jazz booking director Andy Bercaw, a partner-owner at the Oriental Theater, will host live-streamed events spotlighting those musicians from the independent venue. “Obviously, it depends on whatever the city and state regulations are as we get into the summer," Nadal notes.

Have you gone to City Park Jazz? What's your favorite summer activity in Denver? Post a comment or email editoral@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.