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Fourth Story: 2955 E. 1st Ave., 303-322-1824. Above three floors of overflowing books, the Tattered Cover's fourth-level restaurant and wine bar offers a refined respite from shopping. Though the music is usually piped in, soft jazz entertains bookish diners on Monday nights and during Sunday brunch.

Fox Hole Lounge: 2936 Fox St., 303-298-7378. A notoriously low-maintenance mecca for happy-hour crowds, the tavern has also attracted dance-music fans throughout the week and on weekends to hear DJs spin their stuff.

Fox Theatre: 1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-443-3399. Probably the best-sounding room in the Rockies, the Fox Theatre is also one of the most well-rounded. The smoke-free, windowless concert venue hosts country, indie rock and jam-band artists; by including some of hip-hop's most obscure talent, the Fox has also bolstered Boulder's urban profile.

Full Moon Books and Coffee: 9108 W. 6th Ave., Lakewood, 303-233-6666. Art brightens the walls and ceiling of Full Moon Books and Coffee, where a new-age vibe lingers -- along with the customers, who lounge in scattered chairs. Tuesday night's drumming circle draws players who wish to try their hand at the participatory music style.

Funky Buddha Lounge: 776 Lincoln Ave., 303-832-5075. There's no official dress code at the Funky Buddha Lounge, but if there were, it would probably just be "sexy." A magnet for singles with disposable income and a taste for cosmo cocktails, the Buddha also includes the upstairs Ginger Bar, where live DJs perform for an open-air crowd six nights a week. Live art exhibitions on Tuesday include free champagne and, often, live models.

Giggling Grizzly: 1320 20th St., 303-297-8300. The Giggling Grizzly is walking -- or stumbling -- distance from Coors Field; on game days, it's a bear to find a table. During the off-season, however, you can enjoy the mountain-cabin-meets-sports-bar motif and belly up to the log bar for a two-buck brew while enjoying your choice of entertainment under the widespread array of animal heads.

Gothic Theatre: 3263 S. Broadway, Englewood, 303-788-0984. The final result of an incredibly ambitious makeover, the Gothic Theatre bears little resemblance to the fallout shelter of a venue that previously stood in its place. Now an art-deco show palace with multiple levels, a gorgeous paint job and a solid if sporadic calendar of rock, pop, electronic and even world and jazz artists, the Gothic can be the most stimulating room in town.

GreenFields: 3355 S. Yarrow St., Lakewood, 303-989-9820. It's easy to lose track of time in GreenFields, largely because the cover bands that take the stage specialize in bygone eras of rock. Beer is always on special, and friendly regulars never stop believin'.

Grizzly Rose: 5450 N. Valley Hwy., 303-295-1330. Country music will never die in Denver as long as the Grizzly Rose remains. Live music six nights a week, concerts by Nashville nationals, free dance lessons on Wednesdays and lots of space on the hardwood floor for honky tonkin' were among the attributes cited by the Country Music Association, which chose the Rose as one of the top clubs in the nation; regulars choose it because it's a local institution.

Hanson's Grill & Tavern: 1301 S. Pearl St., 303-744-1052. Live music on Saturdays attracts music fans who might otherwise overlook Hanson's casual charm. Unlike its neighbors -- bustling student-packed places that orbit the University of Denver -- the tavern is a comfortable, pleasant locale where patrons can actually listen to the music and each other. A decent bar menu and drink selection are offered, as well.

Hapa Boulder: 1117 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-473-4730. Done with your sushi? Use your chopsticks to tap out the beat while the DJ spins it. A smart layout enhances the comfortably stylish environment so you won't bump the tables when the sake commands you to shake your booty.

Hapa Cherry Creek: 2780 E. 2nd Ave., 303-322-9554. This Hapa spinoff has been altered to fit the Cherry Creek aesthetic: Black and silver chic artfully permeates the corner spot. Too bad the only place to safely get your dance groove on while the DJs spin is in front of the hostess station.

Hard Rock Cafe: 500 16th St., 303-623-3191. Located on the 16th Street Mall, the Hard Rock Cafe attracts downtown workers, music sentimentalists, and tourists who can't get enough of the London-based chain's trademark T-shirts. With a souvenir shop, full menu and omnipresent displays of rock-and-roll memorabilia -- some of it collected locally during the Fey Concerts days -- about the only thing you won't find at the Cafe is hard rock.

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