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Colder Than Fargo

Colder Than Fargo There's no pretense in Dogs and Tumbleweeds, the third Colder Than Fargo recording. The group, which celebrates the disc's release on Saturday, February 17, at the Larimer Lounge alongside deadbubbles, Januar, Killfix and Sonatine, favors straightahead playing and frills-free arrangements whose simplicity and sincerity more than compensate for the material's total lack of trendiness.

The disc begins with "Denver," in which singer Eric Bailly asks to be taken "to the place where I will feel no shame" -- a locale symbolized by a grinding riff and the keening wail that soars over it. Subsequent cuts tinker a bit with the formula; "When My Time Comes" flirts with psychedelia, for instance, whereas "Hotter Than Hinckley" has more of a widescreen feel. In the end, though, Bailly, vocalist/harmonica player Andy Gross, bassist Joel Michor and drummer Lawrence Snell succeed by sticking to the rock basics and delivering them with unaffected passion.

Nothing fancy about that.

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