Colorado Rocks! A lot harder than we thought, evidently.

Update (10/19): Ah, yes. That explains it. According to Chris K., host of Colorado Sound and longtime friend of Backbeat, evidently, Colorado Rocks!: Five Decades of Rock Music History, is out of print, thus the hefty price tag we spied at the Goodwill over the weekend. "I had to buy a used copy via amazon this year, and it cost me a lot more than $25.00," he informs us. "Used copies in mint condition do go for over $100." Indeed. A closer look reveals that the book is NOT actually available in paperback at BN.com for $24 as initially claimed, but rather used copies are posted for $110. Needless to say, if you have a copy hold on to it. That collectors item tag is legit.

Original item (10/18/11): Wow! Looks like the local scene is quite a bit more valuable than many of us thought -- or at least a book about it is, anyhow. This past weekend, during our weekly thrifting excursion, we stopped by the Goodwill outlet in Thornton. That's where we spotted this copy of Colorado Rocks!: Five Decades of Rock Music History, G. Brown's local music tome from 2004, safely nestled in the glass display case at the front of the store -- you know, where they keep all the choice stuff. Startlingly, it's listed for $124.99, with the words "Collectors Item" inscribed on the tag. Wonder if they know it's available for $24 at Barnes & Noble.com (granted, it's paperback -- but still).

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