Reader: "Douchenozzles" Just Want to Be Seen at Red Rocks

Is Levitt Pavilion Denver's best outdoor venue?
Is Levitt Pavilion Denver's best outdoor venue?
Jake Cox

Denver loves Red Rocks, and in the Best of Denver 2019, readers again named it Best Outdoor Venue. But the editors went with Levitt Pavilion, noting some of the special amenities this venue brought to the scene a few years ago. "In Levitt Pavilion, we get two of Denver's greatest assets in one: a beautiful public park and a music venue," we wrote. "Fifty free concerts a year means that Levitt is economically approachable, too, giving audiences a chance to check out local, national and international musicians that fill the venue's summer calendar. "

The deadline for filling out our 2020 Best of Denver Readers' Poll is still more than a month away, but readers aren't waiting to tell us about their favorite outdoor venues. Some praise Fiddler's Green, others the Arvada Center as well as Planet Bluegrass and Mishawaka. And despite its legendary status, one reader is no fan of Red Rocks:

Says Dee: 

Honestly, I do not love Red Rocks. Security there are always assholes and since it's the “place to be,” a lot of the time the crowds are filled with entitled douchenozzles that don't even like the band. They just want to be “seen.”

Counters Alyssa: 

Then you’re going to the wrong shows. Been to fifty-plus and not once has anyone working there been rude. Not sure what shows you’re talking about, but this has never been my experience. Ever.

Adds Victoria: 

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No problem ever with security, but I totally get these little rich kids who must have money to throw away who go to get totally fucked up and ruin the show for everybody else.

But Levitt comes in for criticism, too. Says Lindsey:

 I wish I could like Levitt, but after seeing Jimmy Eat World there last summer, I’d never go for a show I care about again. Security was a joke, waited in line for an hour to get in because people were just joining the line in front from every direction. So hard to get to the bathrooms if you’re in the middle of the hill...I just hated the experience. It would be fine for a smaller and more casual show, but they didn’t seem equipped to deal with the crowd at the one I went to last summer.

Concludes Josie: 

The beauty of Colorado makes any outdoor concert the "best"! Can't wait until summer.

In addition to weighing in on outside venues, readers also suggested some favorite indoor venues: Buffalo Rose, Mission Ballroom, Globe Hall.

Where do you like to see music? Post a comment, email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com...or go to readerschoice.westword.com to vote in our Best of Denver 2020 Readers' Poll.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.