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Reader: Country Music Is Just Emo for Rednecks

Dashboard Confessional returns to Summit Music Hall on April 9.
Dashboard Confessional returns to Summit Music Hall on April 9. Miles Chrisinger
After nine years, Dashboard Confessional, which is coming to town on April 9, has a new release: Crooked Shadows. Turns out Chris Carraba was waiting, as a song on the record puts it, for "just what to say." And readers had a few things to say about the former emo poster boy. Says Michael:
Labels and genres are great for those with no personal sense of identity.
Adds James: 
Country music is just Emo music for rednecks, and they have a bunch of old people.
As Carraba told Katie Moulton, "I outwaited the people who were waiting for [the album]. Then I was free to wait. I wouldn’t fake it. My accountant didn’t love the decision to take eight years off, and I had to find ways to manage. It would’ve been easier to rush to the marketplace. But fuck it."

Dashboard Confessional will be at Summit Music Hall on April 9.

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