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Begun as a collaboration with guitarist and songwriter Stephen Taylor, Wovenhand currently serves as a sort of creative repository for David Eugene Edwards, the enigmatic leader of 16 Horsepower. With Wovenhand, Edwards strips away the dense and dark instrumentation that characterizes his regular band to offer a more full glimpse of his openly exposed soul. The view can be devastating, as evidenced by Wovenhand, a full-length album that's currently available only as a European release through the Glitterhouse label. (The CD is expected to see Stateside release sometime this spring.) Full of oblique narratives, shamanistic wailing and, surprisingly, a sense of emotional and spiritual vulnerability, Edwards's solo work is like 16 Horsepower in a concentrated, singer-songwriter form. It's intense, intelligent -- and not for the easily perturbed. Wovenhand appears Saturday, April 6, at the Bluebird Theater, with Paloma; the performance is designed as a "warm-up" before Edwards heads out on a month-long European tour. Reach out. -- Laura Bond
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