Danielle Ate the Sandwich (and became an internet phenomenon)

So I got a pretty rad note the other day from my friend Suzanne about my most recent obsession, Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Suzanne, God bless her soul, spends countless hours analyzing and ruminating the business aspect of, well, the music business. Unlike a good number of us, who are more far more intrigued and enthralled by listening to and making music, Suzanne is endlessly fascinated by facts and figures and marketing and such. Consistently informative, though, she can be depended upon to point out things that many of us had never even considered. Such is the case with Danielle Ate the Sandwich, whose lasted video we've posted after the jump, along with Suzanne's observations.

"The first that I had heard of Danielle was from your blog. I checked out her videos and music and became a hardcore fan.

I was looking at her YouTube channel and noticed that she had nearly 10,000 subscribers. Last week she posted a new video and got about 3000 views in one day.

So out of curiosity I added up all the views of all the videos in her channel (plus one, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," that she did with someone else and isn't in her channel).

What I found was that as of two days ago, her videos has been viewed over one million times.

1,001,862 to be exact.

Kind of amazing for someone who isn't signed to a label. Who, in fact, has done it all from her kitchen by herself."

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