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Thanks to footage that's gotten plenty of Internet play, Glenn Danzig's tough-guy reputation has taken a wallop. Shot at a gig last July, the images capture him in heated conversation with Danny Marianinho, whose group, the North Side Kings, was supposed to play on a bill with Danzig's self-named combo. Instead, Danzig performed earlier than scheduled, thereby eliminating the Kings' slot -- and after Big Glenn shoved Marianinho by way of addressing any complaints, the Misfits founder was flattened with one punch. For Danzig, the timing of this knockout was particularly lousy, since it came only a month or so before the release of Circle of Snakes, a disc on the Evilive imprint intended to re-establish him as a viable figure in the world of contemporary comic-book metal, a style he practically invented. Although the CD doesn't deserve a spot atop Danzig's extensive discography, it gives off an appropriately morose vibe and features several songs, including "1000 Devils Reign," that are both entertaining and aggressive. Granted, those who've seen Danzig fold up like a card table after his meet-and-greet with Marianinho's knuckles may take some convincing, so the band, which is slated to be joined at the Ogden by Kataklysm and Eyes of Fire, needs to put up or shut up. Figuratively speaking, the fight is on.
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