Daytrotter.com posts another session featuring Nathaniel Rateliff

Daytrotter is clearly smitten as we are with the young Mister Nathaniel Rateliff. Not only did the outfit tap Rateliff for its Barnstormer 3 tour (which, come to find out, took place in actual barns, BTW -- somehow, we just discovered this), but it just posted another session featuring him.

Heaping all kinds of praise on the lad, the piece, penned by Daytrotter headmaster Sean Moeller, says things like, ""In Memory Of Loss" is a debut album that can destroy you - its beauty just too much to handle," before adding that experiencing his music, "is an overpowering exchange that leaves you utterly moved to shivers or tears and it also leaves you thankful that it just happened."

Make your way over to Daytrotter.com to read the piece and then stream/download the tracks.

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