d.biddle's Día de los Muertos show at the hi-dive just became a little more special

With frontman Duncan Barlow currently residing in Florida, d.biddle doesn't play very often. And so when it does, needless to say, it's something of an event, particularly when one of the shows happens to fall on Halloween and rolls into El Día de los Muertos. With Barlow looking like an undead undertaker and the rest of the band dressed in black and masked in grease paint, playing some of the most sublime music to be heard on the front range, it's a beautifully shambolic experience. Well, as if we needed any more incentive to make it out to this show, we've just learned that the band will be releasing a new album that night. The disc, Beds and Monsters, was originally slated to be released in 2006, but was scrapped after multiple lineup changes. Now an odds and sods compilation featuring alternate demos from Rabbit and the Moon, songs from the original Beds and Monsters sessions, the disc also contains a few other rarities, including a song from the first d.biddle 7-inch, which has been remastered.

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