Death Angel guitar tech, Dane Wolf, recovering from injuries of violent altercation in Denver

When Dane Wolf came to Denver on October 19 with Death Angel for the Earth On Hell Tour featuring Anthrax, Testament, the guitar tech probably had no idea that he'd end up hospitalized as the victim of a brutal altercation. Before the bands left town, Wolf apparently headed over to Rockaway to catch Coffin Hunter. Shortly after their set, Wolf relates, "I apparently just 'politely asked' this guy to move his car for load out after my friends in Coffin Hunter rocked my face off with some bluegrass after a late night set down the street from the Anthrax show."

The exchange evidently turned violent and resulted in Wolf being hospitalized for the injuries he sustained, including a skull fracture. According to the GiveForward page established by his sister Jenna in an effort to help him with his medical bills (so far, $5,900 of the $7,500 goal has been raised), Wolf is back in St. Louis recovering at his mom's house. He's still suffering from some pretty severe headaches, but doctors have informed him that he's not going to require surgery to repair his orbital bone. No word yet on whether charges have been filed against anybody, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, godspeed to Wolf on a speedy recovery.

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