Dent set to film video for "Sunshowers" in New York in November

Update 11/05/09: Just received word that Dent will be filming part of the "Sunshowers" video at the Shoppe (3103 E. Colfax) this Saturday night and is looking for local peeps to appear in the clip. Owing to the fact that hardly any locals will make the trip out to Gotham for the shoot mentioned below, Dent is making a point to give his hometown fans some shine. Hit up @MarzMacchio on Twitter for more info.

[orig. post: 09/24/09] Dent is preparing to head to New York in early November for a five-day video shoot with Sunsaytional, Jaysun Loushin's production company. Loushin, who has previously worked on videos for Joe Budden and Charles Hamilton, is planning to film the video for "Sun Showers" on location throughout Brooklyn, culminating with a loft party on the last night of the shoot. Dent and Loushin are currently seeking extras. If you'll be in Gotham anytime from Monday, November 9 through Saturday, November 14, and would like to be onset, feel free to reach out to Loushin directly. In the meantime, catch Dent at the B-Boy benefit for Chunkroc this weekend at Guerilla Garden.

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