Denver Metal Musicians on Stage Security and Violence at Shows

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Allegaeon: This has happened before. We are a band thats all about having fun, so knowing us, (we would be) making a stupid face with the person taking the selfie. What kind of inappropriate behavior would make you want to punch or kick a fan while you are on stage?

Muscle Beach: We would have to say treating women with disrespect while crowd surfing. People trying to cop free feels deserve a swift kick to the nutz.

In The Company Of Serpents: Damaging our equipment, or otherwise doing anything that brings the show to a grinding halt. That said, I'm not prone to violence, so I'd probably just shame any asshole who did that until they left. Also, if I see someone pull stuff like groping women in the audience or physically assaulting someone, I will stop the show until the offending piece of shit is escorted out, preferably into the waiting arms of the cops.

As The Sky Darkens: We don't think punching or kicking are excusable unless they're throwing punches themselves. We'd most likely shove them out of the way, but never strike them.

Chingaso:Taking our shots/booze, grabbing our guitars/equipment, moving/grabbing mic. Pretty much being disrespectful.

Dead Temple: Spitting. So help me Odin if anyone ever spits anything on me I will lose my mind and Spartan kick your face inside out. --Gianni DiGiacomo, guitar

Allegaeon: When audience members sit on the stage while we're playing, and/or texting. Fucking drives me nuts. You wanna text go to the back, and let the people enjoying the show come up front. --Greg Burgess, guitar
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