Reader: Westword Shouldn't Act Like an Informant When There's a Party

Our post on a scheduled warehouse party fanned the flames.
Our post on a scheduled warehouse party fanned the flames.
Charlie Marshall
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The invitation to a warehouse party first popped up on Eventbrite, and then word spread after artist Tom Rogers announced: "One of the first of its kind, I'm flying out to Colorado for a socially distanced warehouse rave. This weekend."

Saturday, December 12, to be exact, according to the flier that quickly made the rounds through the local music community, as Kyle Harris reported in "COVID Rules Be Damned: There's an EDM Party in Denver Tonight." While Rogers said that the promoter was taking all legal COVID precautions, he missed the fact that indoor gatherings (religious meetings excepted) are currently banned in Denver, since the county is at Level Red.

Our report over the controversy added fuel to the fire already raging on social media, as commenters began posting responses on the Westword Facebook page. Some appreciated the coverage, while others criticized it, like Grier:

Westword, you are a bunch of pussies!

Responded Bella: 

This is far from the only one. The parties haven't stopped at all during the pandemic. The number of parties has decreased for sure, but not the frequency. I haven't been to a party since February or so because I'm not a selfish, malicious, ignorant and reckless entitled plague rat.

Countered Debi:

Westword has lost all credibility for reliable reporting. Openly taking on a role as Gestapo informants? Shame on you, Westword.

Marion replied:

Westword brought it to the community’s attention so that this doesn’t cause more damage and prolong this nightmare. Go, Westword!

Noted Emily:

I am now on a mission to find this party of normal people......

Commented Justin:

Oh, look, a bunch of untalented douchebags and a greedy piece of shit are smart enough to convince the dumbest people with the least amount of musical taste to get in a room together and sweat and breathe heavily and then set them loose to infect others! Brilliant! I always thought EDM attracted the worst dregs of the rave scene and ignorant tweens, and wow,was I right....Get fucked, posers.

And then there was this from JLynn, who was on the bill: 

Dear Denver Music Scene, I want to give a fulfilled apology from the bottom of my heart for the actions I've have taken since I have been in Denver. What I can tell you is how much music means to me. I have traveled coast to coast and everywhere in between. I want to bring people together, not against. I understand my actions were unprofessional. I was told social distancing and COVID restrictions would be in place prior to booking. I decided to back out day of the show, but unfortunately there had already been an article published without anyone knowing the whole story. Music is my serenity & helps me deal with my own mental illness anxiety & loneliness. With COVID along with being through an insane break-up, my heart just went back to what I know. Which is going to a party dancing to music & letting the anxiety go away. I just moved to a new town and knew no one. Going through all of this on top of my heartbreak, I did what I knew best. That was to release my pain through music, without fully realizing how it would affect others. I have been asked to play several shows since this has all come out & have declined each opportunity. I decided to write this letter, stay home, and be safe to show I care. I truly apologize. JLYNN Emotionally Connected "THROUGH SOUND, ENERGY, & LOVE... BECAUSE MUSIC IS WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER <3"

What do you think of the underground raves and parties? Do you think we should have reported on this one? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.