Denver's Rossonian Still Believes in the Power of Snail Mail

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"I designed the front with a free online photo program called FOTOR, the back with PowerPoint, and had them printed downtown at National Teleprinting on Blake St.," Evans recalls. "The front side said, 'Greetings From The Midwest' and included a collage of images of the band and stock images of some of the places we were going to play. The back side was that of a normal postcard where we wrote the addresses and notes to our friends."

To reach those friends and other potential fans, Evans, along with his keyboardist, Scott Roush, sent out texts and Facebook messages asking people for their physical addresses. Just before the "welcome home" show, Evans and his bandmates received plenty of responses thanking them for the postcards.

"I think [fans] liked them mostly for two reasons," Evans says. "First, people like holding the tangible object in their hands, which is something I think we take for granted in our now 'cloud-based' lives. Second, when they get a personal greeting in their mailbox from us they know that we thought about them individually and actually care for them. Not just their mouse clicks."

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Ian Gassman
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