Did Freddie Gibbs make it to DIA without having his weed confiscated? Appears so.

Now it's no secret that marijuana consumption is legal for medicinal purposes. The number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver rival the number of Starbucks, and hell, we're even called the Mile High City, for chrissakes. But this truly takes the cake. While we don't have anything to substantiate that this happened at DIA (it's more likely that the search in question occurred at whatever airport the flight originated at), this astonishingly hilarious discovery was presumably made by Freddie Gibbs somewhere on Denver soil sometime after his flight landed.

The TSA found my weed and let me keep it. They just left me a note. "C'mon Son". Lol http://t.co/UvgaxRa7 20 hours ago via Instagram · powered by @socialditto

And we're basing this, of course, solely on our awesome powers of deduction from examining the evidence at hand -- namely, the time of this Tweet from Freddie Gibbs's Twitter timeline, coupled with the fact that Gibbs was in town last night for a show at Cervantes' and...well, you do the math. Evidently, dude's gear got inspected somewhere along the line by TSA, and not only did he get a pass, but there was also a note attached saying, "C'mon son." Priceless.

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