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Don't Trust...Obama? Oh, man, is 3OH!3 gonna be pissed when the guys hear this!

Shush man/Take the hit/Do the Barney Frank and talk with your spit...

While we're not privy to the political leanings of the 3OH!3 guys and although their tongues are generally so deep in their cheeks that it's left a permanent protrusion, we're pretty sure that this parody version of their ubiquitous hit single "Don't Trust Me" will offend Sean Foreman and Nat Motte's oh so delicate sensibilities. Lord knows, it did ours. Decidedly worse than "C-Section Scars," the woefully lame parody of "Handlebars," this little gem pivots on the phrase "Don't trust B.O." -- as in Barack Obama, our esteemable Commander in Chief. Not that we're opposed to political satire, by any means, it's just that the song is done so poorly that... wait, I think we just threw up in our mouth a little. Take a listen. We dare you -- and see if you don't have the exact same response, regardless of your partisanship or lack thereof. As bad as it is, though, it's a sight better than the instrumental version of the song that's floating around, which appears to form the basis for the wicked bad parody above. Read the full lyrics and listen to the awful karaoke instrumental after the jump.

Progressive; left to the core
He's got his roots in the radical community orgs
And he's an actor; looks good on TV
He's got the press in his pocket so he's rulin' with ease.

T-t-t-taxes they'll be out of control
Killing companies that are tied in to coal
Tell your green friends cap and trade's just a tax
Cause he's a carbon creditor and nobody is checking facts

He wants to tax you, woo-ooh
He wants to own you, woo-ooh
He'll never leave you, woo-ooh, woo-ooh ooh ooh
Don't trust B-O
Never trust B-O
Won't trust 'cause O won't trust me

Healthcare; government run
Crowdin' out the privates 'til the payers is one
And the wait list for getting the care
Is long like unemployment lines everywhere

Br-br-br-branches; balance and checks
That's all out the window they're not following the specs
But the worst is he's going too far
When in doubt he'll hire just another czar.

Shush man - take the hit
Do the Barney Frank and talk with your spit

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