Download free new music from Alert and Peanut Butter Gaucho


, one of the masterminds behind the

Whomp Truck

and the creator of the eeriest dubstep this town has ever seen, has a new track out on his Oblivion Fringe label, plus a cut from

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Peanut Butter Gaucho

. "Hypno Ties" is classic Alert, with deep (and slightly menacing) basslines growling like some creature from outer space. And "Brass Gaucho" contains some very

Twilight Zone

-esque piano lines with bass that's not messin' around. Page down to stream/download the tracks.

Hypno Ties by Alert on Grooveshark

MP3 Download Link:

"Hypno Ties" - Alert

Brass Gaucho by Peanut Butter Gaucho on Grooveshark

MP3 Download Link:

"Brass Gaucho" - Peanut Butter Gaucho

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