Download "Stop zzZZZin" by Deca and Timeline

What are we less than a week into the New Year, and already it's shaping up to be a hot year, especially in the world of local hip-hop. If you haven't heard, BLKHRTS are releasing their debut EP this weekend in the company of The Pirate Signal, who will be showing off its revampted lineup. Deca, meanwhile, a L.I.F.E. Crew affiliate, has blessed us with a new track from his forthcoming EP with Timeline. Brace yourself: It's a heater.

" Stop zzZZZin" is the first track from the EP that Deca, whose hanging his hat in NYC these days, has been working on with Timeline, the cat responsible for the track's skull-rattling synth-inflected beat. Unsurprisingly, Deca spits absolute fire on the cut, while Rebecca Molina adds some sultry vocals in the background.

The EP, which will contain a half-dozen or so tracks, is slated for release sometime this summer. In the meantime, you can catch Deca on Saturday, February 12 at Old Curtis Street when he returns to town for a show with ManeRok, Rogy Tyraid from AZ, Kid Hum, Timeline, DJ AWhat and Yonnas Abraham. Deca will have copies of The Hedonist, his previous long player, as well as a new solo EP The Veil.

Sleep, as Deca so eloquently points out, is the cousin of death. With that in mind, feel free to "Stop zzZZZin" (stream or download) below.


"Stop zzZZZin" - Deca and Timeline with Rebecca Molina

"Stop zzZZZin" - Deca and Timeline with Rebecca Molina

Click through for some bonus Deca footage...

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