Download the Chain Gang of 1974's Mad Mixtape for FREE!

Man, oh, man! Merry freaking Christmas, folks. It's two-for-Tuesday. First we pointed you in the direction of the Cephalic boot we found, and now we've just learned that Kam from the Chain Gang of 1974 -- who's just returned from a stint on the 3OH!3 tour and is due this Friday, December 19, at the Bluebird with Young Coyotes and Hot IQs -- has extended the deadline that he'd originally set for yesterday to pick up the act's Mad Mixtape. Fans now have until this Saturday to download Chain Gang's sold-out eight-song release in its entirety -- for FREE! That's right. Nada. Zip. Free.99. Well... have at it. What are you waiting for? -- Dave Herrera


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