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Mirror E.P., Dualistics' 2006 debut, issued when group frontman Jimmy Stofer served as touring bassist for the Fray, was a professional piece of work but little more, which explains why it received a middling review in these pages. But Dualistics doesn't need to be graded on the curve; it's by far the act's strongest effort to date. "Unique (Like Everyone Else)" is a persuasive rocker keyed by the guitars of Charley Hine and Tyler Despres, splashy drumming from Scott Russell and a multifaceted arrangement that stops well short of preciousness. And if "Taking the Time" does exactly what its title threatens, "Spy vs. Spy" lurches along in an enjoyably off-kilter fashion that would have seemed too weird for these guys a couple of years back. That's progress.

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