DU's May Days fest gives you another reason to ditch work early today

Well, what do you know? Here's another reason this week to ditch out on work early. Who, us? Yeah, we know. We just couldn't, right? Uh, yeah we could. Pffth! What are you talking about? You know how we roll. After we give you drop, in fact, we're outta here like Vladamir, Jeeves. Yesterday, Dr. Know at Wax Trax? Hells yeah, buddy. Today? May Days at DU. Most def. You know how we roll. The gig, which should actually be getting underway as we post this, features sets from Petals of Spain, Bokonon, the Foot, Epilogues, the Photo Atlas, Savoy and Clipse. Still not enough to convince you to play hooky? How about this: It's free and accessible by light rail and ... hey, wait, where are you going? And what's with that Kool-Aid man-style cutout you just left in the door? Not so fast there, chief. Aren't you're going to need directions or something. At least take a look at the map after the jump, will ya?

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