Update: Just received word of a show in support of Elana Rogers. Slated for Friday, September 25 at the D-Note, the bill features Demon Funkies, Something Underground, Melanie Susuras Band, Tempe and the Tantrums and Naor Nave.

Elana Rogers teaches us to stop and smell the roses

Well wishes are due to

Elana Rogers

, who was recently diagnosed with IDC breast cancer. Last month, the young singer-songwriter underwent a double masectomy and had four of her sentinel lymph nodes removed. Fortunately, the surgery went well and Rogers now appears to be on her way to making a full recovery. And as tends to happen with even the slightest brush with mortality, Rogers has emerged with a new found appreciation for the things in life that most of us find mundane. After the jump, we've posted some of Rogers' inspirational musings.

Stop by her blog

to read more about her journey and to send her some words of encouragement.

During this time I am discovering that I have an appreciation for the simplest of things - take roses, for instance. They are immaculately beautiful, pristine, and unique in their own right. No two are alike. Each color brings their own scent. I appreciate these delicate differences. In my life right now, and for the 1st time in a long time I am actually stopping and smelling the flowers - literally!

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