Eleven Famous Musicians Who Recently Moved to Colorado

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7. Terry Ilous -- Great White

Terry Ilous was and is the frontman for hard-rock band XYZ. During the heyday of hard rock in Los Angeles, XYZ was a popular band. Now that its style of music has come back into vogue, XYZ has enjoyed a renewed career. In 2012, Ilous became the new singer for Great White, a band with whom he had crossed paths in 1980s Los Angeles. At a recent Great White performance at the Buffalo Rose, it was revealed that Ilous is living in Denver, and he was referred to jokingly/affectionately as the "Denver Demon" by Michael Lardie.

6. Nathen Maxwell -- Flogging Molly

Nathen Maxwell used to sneak into Flogging Molly shows as a teenager before joining the band as its bassist. The Irish-music-inflected punk band became popular in the milieu of late-'90s pop punk. Within the last several years, Maxwell moved to Colorado and started a Colorado-based band called the Bunny Gang while continuing to be a member of Flogging Molly.

5. Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles formed in Somerset, England, in 1983. A psychedelic and space-rock band in the vein of Gong and perhaps Hawkwind, OT became a cult band in its own right evolved from a rock band into an outfit more extensively employing dub beats and trance-inducing atmospheres. In late 2008, the band relocated to Fort Collins. The 2012 wildfires burned down the band's house, but the group is up and running, with European tour on its agenda.

4. Tim Holland -- Sole

Holland helped found the influential Anticon. label in the mid-'90s and helped to extend the presence of experimental hip-hop into a wide public consciousness. A native of Maine, Holland has lived in San Francisco and Arizona. But it was his visits to Denver that reminded him of Geneva, Switzerland, because of its proximity to the mountains and the easy availability of vegan food. Moving to central Denver in 2009, Sole found an passionate activist community that he found as inspiring as -- if not more than -- any musical community, as well as an active avant-garde and noise scene.

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