Epilogues and Photo Atlas plan split release

In the tradition of now classic releases like 1997's Get Up Kids/Coalesce split 7-inch, in which both groups covered each other's songs, Epilogues and the Photo Atlas have announced plans to embark on similar effort with a twist -- namely each band will record two new songs in addition to the covers. For their part, the Photo Atlas guys are planning to cover "King Arthur," while the Epilogues dudes are taking on "Handshake Heart Attack." The split will be finished sometime before the two head out on a string of dates thoughout the Midwest and East Coast, including a stop in New York for CMJ, with a local release slated for Friday, October 30, at the Marquis Theater with the Chain Gang of 1974. In the meantime, you can catch both bands this Saturday at Greeley's Block Party, which runs from 4 p.m. to midnight.

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