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Everything Absent or Distorted calling it quits

We heard some rumblings a month ago that this might happen, but we were hoping against hope it wouldn't. Well, hope got played, because today Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) officially announced that they are calling it quits. The poetic and obscure post names "built-in contradiction" as the root cause of the split, which we suppose means, "Hey, you try coordinating eight people with professional lives outside of music for five years and see how well it works out for you."

The good news is there's still a little more EAOD goodness in the pipe before the final curtain falls. The group is playing three more shows before they sign off, one tomorrow at the hi-dive, one Sunday on the UMS outdoor stage and a final show, TBA, this fall. And they've just finished recording a four-song EP called The Lucky Ones that they plan on giving away as soon as it is done in early fall. You can also grab "Aquariums," off last year's The Great Collapse, for free here.

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Everything Absent or Distorted (an obituary)

Karl Marx famously argued that the ultimate demise of capitalism was to be the result of a "built-in contradiction." As an economic system, it would grow to eat itself, ultimately and paradoxically imploding skinny and starved and by design. EAOD (a love story) was similarly built: that is, with an inevitable great collapse in our foundation. In the past five years, we have gorged ourselves on music--at times, coming dangerously close to forgetting that music is not our life, but a thing we do to get on with it. But life, like music, is a jealous lover and does not relent its grip too easily. And so here, between life's calloused and cut palms, we resign ourselves to it. We have done what we have done mostly because we had no other choice. We put music to our own struggles against small wars not so that we could win them, but so that we could keep fighting. Winning would mean there would be no more need to sing, but a good fight always needs a song. We have one last batch of songs to swing by. Xandy Whitesal and Colin Bricker recorded at Notably Fine Audio our third and final album, The Lucky Ones, a four-song EP. We are proud of it. So proud that we'll give it away as soon as it's done--in the early fall of 2009. We are playing three more shows in Denver: Thursday, 7.23 at the Hi Dive (11 pm) and Sunday, 7.26 at the Outdoor Stage (7 pm) at the DPUMS. Our last show will be in the fall, details to come. We hope to see you at these last shows. But for now, we'll just shave and go on... love, eaod(als)

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