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Evidently, breaking-up is hard easy to do

So this was the weekend for break-ups apparently. Hot on the heels of receiving news of Everything Absent or Distorted's dissolution, comes word that Needlepoint labelmates Rabbit Is a Sphere have also folded. Though when we spoke with the act last week in reference to a rather curious e-mail that popped into our box, which sounded very much like the outfit was about to take its last breath ("please join us in celebrating the last 5 years of making music, drinking beer, wine and whiskey, and dragging yer asses out to see us play every so often. thanks for always being there and for your support. we'll be around, in different configurations making music, and will be sure to keep you all posted on what's next for us lil' rabbits."), the band assured us it was "just going on hiatus," as the members put it. "We know that is sort of nebulous, but we all still love each other very much and would hate to call it over." Whether this is an issue of symantics or whether to outfit is leaving the door open for future activity remains to be seen. In the meantime, Rabbit Is a Sphere has made its entire catalogue available for download, including its brand new EP, The City and the Sway. Finally, Hawks of Paradise, another very promising outfit that just issued Skeleton Keys, a fantastic new record, is allegedly calling it a day. The group, which just recently added Machine Gun Blues alum, Aaron Collins, reportedly made the announcement onstage during its performance at the UMS this past weekend. Sad you to see all you go, folks. Godspeed.

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