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Feast your eyes on this rare Prince rehearsal from 1984 before it gets yanked from YouTube.

OMFG! If you're wondering what the coolest thing we've seen all day is -- well, ahem, aside from ourselves in the mirror this morning (har-de-har!) -- it's this: Vintage clips of Prince rehearsing crica1984.

Not sure how these clips (which, be forewarned, resemble surveillance video) were procured or why/how they haven't been unceremoniously yanked from YouTube yet, but we'd like to thank the internet gods for providing us with such a rare glimpse into Prince's world just as he was entering into his prime (oh, and props to our peeps at RFT, our sister paper in St. Louis, for turning us on).

See what the gushing's about after the jump.

"When Dove's Cry"

"When Dove's Cry basement rehearsal Part II"

"17 Days"


"All Day All Night"

"Irresistible Bitch"

"Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden"

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