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Those of you who pored over every word of this issue's Dash Rip Rock profile (page 68) may have noticed that the writer of the article, Marty Jones, is also on the bill. For clarification's sake, let me note that this was not a quid pro quo situation--nor is Jones, a singer-songwriter who's performed regularly in the area over the past several months, sleeping with Ned "Hoaky" Hickel. According to Marty, he was offered a chance to open the Dash Rip Rock show long after the story was assigned and an interview scheduled. In the interest of complete disclosure, let me add that I'm not wearing any pants.

Two noteworthy events. The Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Festival, known as RockyGrass, takes place Friday, August 9, through Sunday, August 11, in Lyons (call 449-6007 for details). The terrific lineup includes Doc Watson, the Bluegrass Patriots, Charles Sawtelle and the Whippets, Pete and Joan Wernick, and Crucial Country, featuring Sam Bush, Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas. Finally, Spoon Collection celebrates the release of its latest CD, Tarnished, Saturday, August 10, at the Skyline Cafe. A review will have to wait, since I lost my copy of the disc. Maybe it's with my pants.

Pulling up the rear. On Thursday, August 8, Imperial Drag races to the Bluebird Theater; the 'Vengers refuse to let you off ska free at Herman's Hideaway; Salamander Crossing appears with Tim and Mollie O'Brien at the Gold Hill Inn; and the Greyboy Allstars, featuring former Denverite/current funk legend Fred Wesley, color the Fox Theatre. On Friday, August 9, the Girls begin a three-night run at the Sedalia Grill, 5607 North U.S. Highway 85; Weston heads to the Mercury; the Perry Weisman 3 count off at City Spirit; and the Hillbilly Hellcats bare their claws at Cricket on the Hill. On Saturday, August 10, Vibe Tribe and Prohibition Six play for free at Boulder's Central Park, Broadway and Canyon; Soul Coughing, supporting its impressive second album, hacks at the Fox; Martha's Wake keeps its eyes open at Cafe Euphrates; Fatwater splashes at Seven South, with the Hate Fuck Trio and Shark Chum; and Sepultura gets doomy at the Ogden Theatre. On Sunday, August 11, Burning Spear fires up at the Boulder Theater, with Judge Roughneck. On Tuesday, August 13, Neurosis gives cause for concern at the Mercury, with Murphy's Law. On Wednesday, August 14, Tina and the B-Side Movement put their best feet forward at the Fox; Munly gets blurry at Caffe Mars; and King Sunny Ade Afro-beats it to the Bluebird. God save him.

--Michael Roberts

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