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The slogan of the latest tour by Phish, which leaves water long enough to headline at McNichols Arena on Sunday, November 16, and Monday, November 17, is "Phish Destroys America." No doubt the residents of Morrison, whose town was overrun by Phish-heads during a series of Red Rocks dates last year (Feedback, August 15, 1996), are cracking up over that one. Expect Denver television stations to offer blanket coverage for what will likely be a non-event. Peace and love, man.

You might think that musicians had run out of ways to make copy editors' lives miserable; I mean, misplaced accent marks and creative misspellings (like, for instance, Phish) are old hat. So give some credit to [danos], which appears on Saturday, November 15, at the Bug Theater with TEST TUBE, for coming up with a new twist: unnecessary use of brackets.

Suddenly, the world seems full of possibilities again. On Thursday, November 13, Natalie MacMaster and Her Big Band live large at the Boulder Theater, with Cathie Ryan. (Ryan also appears by her lonesome on Saturday, November 15, at Oddfellow's Hall in Elizabeth. Ring Arts Elizabeth Concerts at 1-303-648-9707 to get directions and other data.) On Friday, November 14, Mark Hummel blows (harp, that is) at Brendan's; Verbow targets the Lion's Lair; Flipper Dave lathers up at Soapy Smith's; King Rat is crowned at the 15th Street Tavern, with Hell's Half Acre and Half Burned Match; and Juggling Sons keep their balls in the air at the Fox Theatre, with Chief Broom. On Saturday, November 15, Spiritualized, one of the most underrated bands in the universe, headlines at the Bluebird; the Shakes visit Borders Books, 9515 East County Line Road in Englewood; the Winstons light up at Stella's Coffee Haus; CFOOTMAD (which, as you know, stands for Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dance) hosts a "Ceili Dance" (which, as you also know, is a tradition associated with Ireland and Scotland) at the Mercury Cafe; and Grateful Dead-approved musician and music therapist Barry Bernstein conducts a workshop at the Naropa Institute (phone 546-3590 to get the particulars). On Sunday, November 16, Brethren Fast headlines the new "band night" bash at the Soiled Dove, and Snot builds up at the Bluebird. On Tuesday, November 18, Latif Bolat Turkish Music Ensemble goes Sufi at the Mercury. And on Wednesday, November 19, Michelle Hagelund and Whitney Rehr of Durga's Matrakas, a new artistic collective of female artists from Denver, play for the benefit of Volunteers of America at Herman's Hideaway; Nanci Griffith locates the Paramount Theatre; the members of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy do that hoo-doo they do so well at the Fox, with the Hillbilly Hellcats; Kelly Hunt explores the Mercury; the Girls gather at Cricket on the Hill; and Blast-Off Heads re-enact their favorite moments from Scanners when they join the Hate Fuck Trio at CU-Boulder's Club 156. Feedback: your obscure-film-reference superstore.

--Michael Roberts

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