File Under Must-See: Jimmy Gnecco of OURS at the Walnut Room and Acrassicauda at 3 Kings

With the glut of shows this time of year, it's easy to unwittingly gloss past noteworthy concert announcements -- and by noteworthy, we mean the kind of shows that aren't necessarily the highest profile, and so for whatever reason they escape your notice, but then as soon as you hear about them after the fact, you kicking yourself for missing them. That in mind, we thought we'd alert you to two significant shows that we're terribly excited about since you might be, too.

The first one is happening at 3 Kings Tavern on Tuesday, July 26, and it features Acrassicauda. Right about now, you're probably asking yourself why that name rings a bell. It does ring a bell, right? It should, particularly if you've seen the movie Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

The 2007 documentary is precisely what it sounds like, a movie about, well, heavy metal in Baghdad, one band in specific, Arassicauda. The whole storyline centers on the efforts of these four dudes to purvey the music they love in their homeland. The harrowing things they have to go through just to play music would've caused lesser bands to fold.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor: knock off early, grab something to drink, turn off your phone and press play on the clip below. And then, mark your calendar. This is Arassicauda's first show in Colorado, so this one is most definitely a can't-miss.

Two days later on Thursday, July 28 at the Walnut Room, there's another show that falls into the category of absolute must-see, and this one features Jimmy Gnecco of the band OURS. If you haven't seen Gnecco perform, let's just say it's a one-of-a-kind almost spiritual experience listening to this dude sing. Seriously. We were there the last time he played the Walnut Room, and it was otherworldly. No other way to put it. With a range rivaled only by perhaps Jeff Buckley, an artist he is often compared to, Gnecco is one of the most talented vocalists of our time. And while this date is being touted under his own name, we've heard rumors that the members of OURS will be in tow, and that he'll be playing some OURS tunes.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.