Five Iron Frenzy DVD in the works

Remember back when we didn't really have too many high-profile bands, before the Fray and all the other members of the Neo Denver Invasion were even a gleam in their daddy's eye? Then you probably remember Five Iron Frenzy, the ridiculously popular ska-core outfit fronted by Reese Roper whose members went on to play in nearly a half-dozen offshoots, including Roper, Brave Saint Saturn (another outfit fronted by Roper, whose album Anti-Meridian reflected on the Five Iron Years), Yellow Second, Hearts of Palm (who's getting back together long enough for a pair of proper farewell shows) and the Hollyfelds. They were a pretty big deal back then. In fact, they played their farewell show at the Fillmore almost six years ago, when such a notion kind of seemed inconceivable -- a local band headlining that big of a room. While we wish we could add the act to our list of recent reunions, it looks like FIF will have to remain on the wish list for now. In the meantime, the outfit is looking for any live footage that you may have to complement a long-overdue DVD currently in the works. Enough from us. Follow the jump, and Mr. Roper will tell you all about the endeavor himself in his inimitable way and then you can watch the teaser trailer.

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