Update 11/22/11: The suspense has ended: Five Iron Frenzy reunites, posts new song, announces plans for new album due in 2013!

Five Iron Frenzy promises that November 22 will be a day that no FIF fan will soon forget

Oh those crazy Five Iron Frenzy kids. What will they do next? They have something planned. Something big, evidently. And whatever it is, it's happening tomorrow (uh, make that Friday). Or at least that's when the beloved, bygone homegrown ska-core ambassadors are going to tell us whatever it is they have up their little sleevies (besides their armies, we mean). The actual unveiling takes place on Tuesday, November 22. Is it at all significant that this event -- which the outfit promises to a day that no FIF fan will soon forget -- is happening on a Tuesday, you know, a day traditionally reserved for new releases? Is the band getting back together for a reunion? Will Lassie save Timmy? Hmm... tune in tomorrow Friday to find out.

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