Flobots check in from the Blasting Room to hype the Bowling Ball

In case you've been wondering where Flobots have been for the past six months or so, we've got the drop: Apparently, besides cropping up periodically at various events across town such as the Westword Music Showcase this past summer and attending to the launch of their non-profit Flobots.org, headquartered in a community space adjacent to the Meadowlark, the band has been up at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins recording a new record (and getting chastised for touching the equipment, evidently). Check out the video above to hear Jamie Laurie and Stephen Brackett (aka Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit to the rest of the world) talk about the Bowling Ball, an event on Friday, September 4, in which the Flobots crew will be taking on the Fray at Lucky Strike Lanes in Belmar.

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