Flobots Jonny 5 updates "By the Time I Get to Arizona"

In case you just joined us, Flobots are notorious when it comes to fighting injustice and standing up for the rights of all human beings. So it comes as no surprise, really, to discover that the act's outspoken frontman Jonny 5 has taken it upon himself to update Public Enemy's incendiary anthem from 1991, "By the Time I Get to Arizona," a track in which PE indict's Arizona for its resistance to recognizing Martin Luther King's birthday as a national holiday.

Last week, as you're probably aware, that same state passed a controversial new immigration law that allows law enforcement officials to demand immigration documents from suspected illegal immigrants. Below is Jonny 5's reaction, which he has posted to YouTube, and subsequently asked fans to snag the audio and create their own slideshows to promote Mayday events in their area.

Don't miss the lines: "Just consider where you are when even Tancredo says it goes to far." followed by "So when you're mad because the border's so porous/Be mad because the corporations exploit the poorest," and "Don't be mad at human beings doing laundry for us/leave the trees the fuck alone and talk about the forest!"

A peaceful yet angry standoff awaits: This Saturday, May 1, the outfit is due in Tucson, where a march and rally are slated to take place prior to Flobots performance that night at the Rialto Theatre.

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