Flobots.org seeking donated instruments for its Art 2 Action and Youth on Record programs

Have an old guitar lying around collecting dust that you've been meaning to play but somehow just never got around to actually playing? Yeah? How about putting it to use? Flobots.org is seeking donated instruments for its Art 2 Action and Youth on Record programs. As you're probably aware, the namesake organization founded by Flobots is vested in helping cultivate music and art among kids in the community. To that end, the organization oversees several worthy programs at various schools and treatment centers.

In a few weeks, the nonprofit will get ready to embark on a new series of music workshops at some area schools and and treatment centers, and is in need of all sorts of instruments to help facilitate the instruction. Specifically, Flobots.org is looking for everything from guitars, bass and drums to PA systems, docking stations and a projector.

The donated items will be used by one of two programs -- Art 2 Action, which takes place at four area schools and is taught by a half-dozen local musicians, including Adrian Molina, Chris Guillot of Cherry Sound Studios, Seraphin Sanchez, Melissa Ivey, Suzi Q. Smith and Bianca Mikahn; and the Youth on Record program, founded by Nathan Smith and conducted on site at various treatment centers across the city. The former is geared toward teaching kids music and empowerment, while the latter centers on music production and lyrics.

"As far as we know," notes Flobots.org executive director Jami Duffy of the Youth on Record program, "this is the only program of its kind -- for sure in the state, if not in the region."

Those with instruments to donate can feel free to reach out directly to Laura Bond, Flobot.org's director of programs. Even if you don't have gear to contribute, you can always consider making a donation directly to Flobots.org and earmark it for one or both of the youth programs. Visit Flobots.org for more information.

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